Friends of the Library - Capac Library

Upcoming Events

Book Sale
        When: Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bookin' It 5K Run/Walk
        When: Sunday, September 14, 2014


Mary Klug
Mary Klug
Lynn Cadreau
Lynn Cadreau

Judy Cavagnaro
Judy Cavagnaro


The purpose of the organization shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in the library to:
a.    Focus public attention on the library and its resources.
b.    Encourage and support lifelong reading in the community.
c.    Lend legislative support where needed, in accord with the Library Bill of Rights as amended.
d.    Encourage bequests, memorials, and other gifts of books and/or cash donations.
e.    Raise funds for appropriate materials beyond the resources of the library budget.
f.    Support and cooperate with the library in the development of library services and facilities for the community.

Projects Underway

August Book Sale
September Bookin' It 5K Run/Walk

Projects Completed

  1. New carpet, paint, electrical, signage, trimwork and floor tile for library renovation
  2. Build a Bear Party
  3. Webkins Party
  4. American Girl Tea Party
  5. Drive-in at Your Library
  6. Lia Sophia jewelry part fundraiser
  7. Christmas Appreciation Cookie and Tea
  8. Visit with Santa and Winter Time Designs Fundraiser
  9. Storage shed for library use
  10. Appliances for library usuage
  11. Cushions for children's area
  12. Book sales


Capac American Legion Post 142 for letting us use their building to house our larger programs and for short-term storage.
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